Estimates of genetic parameters and breeding values for New Zealand and Australian Angus cattle

K. Meyer

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 46 : 1219-1229.


Genetic parameters and adjustment factors for birth, weaning, yearling and final weight were estimated for the New Zealand Angus population, fitting an animal model including maternal genetic and permanent environmental effects as additional random effects. Overall, pooled covariance matrices agreed well with those for Australian Angus, though heritability estimates for birth weight were somewhat lower than in Australian Angus. BREEDPLAN estimates of breeding values and their accuracies were obtained for each population separately. Correlations between estimates for sires with accurate proofs in both countries agreed with their expectations, giving no indication of a genotype x environment interaction. A joint genetic evaluation, using adjustment factors specific to each country but the same covariance matrices is recommended.


K.Meyer, Nov. 30, 1996