3.2 Using the manual

WOMBAT caters for novice users by supplying defaults for most aspects of estimation. Essential sections of the manual to ‘get started’ are :

The most ‘difficult’ part of using WOMBAT is to correctly set up the parameter file. The detailed rules given in chapter 4 are best understood following some example(s). The suite of examples provided templates for various types of analyses performed by WOMBAT, and a range of different models.

HINT: A suitable strategy might be

Choose the type of analysis you are interested in, and decide on the model of analysis. Start with a relatively simple scenario.
Try to find an example which matches the type of analysis and fits a not too dissimilar model.
Inspect the example parameter and input files.
Read the description of individual entries in the parameter file (Chapter 4). Compare each section to the relevant section in the example parameter file.
Try to modify the example file for your data (& pedigree) file and model.