4.5 Analysis type

This is a single line entry beginning with code ANALYSIS (can be abbreviated to ANA), followed by a two- or three-letter code describing the type of analysis. The following codes are recognised :
UNI for a univariate analysis,
MUV for a ‘standard’ multivariate analysis,
RR for a single-trait random regression analysis, and
MRR for a multi-trait random regression analysis.

Except for UNI, this can be followed (after space(s)) by the code PC to select an analysis which fits the leading principal components only for some of the random effects fitted and yields reduced rank estimates of the corresponding covariance matrices. For MUV and MRR the number of traits in the analysis must be given as well – this should be the last entry of the line.



specifies a reduced rank, multivariate analysis for 8 traits