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The User Manual:
  1. PDF version: WombatManual.pdf (A4 paper, >100 pages); Size: 2.19 MB, 16817 downloads (since June 1, 2007), Version: 31/05/17.
  2. HTML version: WombatManHTML.tar.gz (gzipped tar file); Size: 328 KB, 1057 downloads (since April 29, 2010), Version: 09/03/17.
    On unpacking, this creates a directory WWW; the starting page is the file manual.html in this directory.


The The program, as a pre-compiled executable. Choose depending on your machine and operating system:
  1. wombat.tar.gz
    Linux 64-bit version, compiled using the ifort compiler with MKL library (threaded); linking all libraries required statically.
    Size 14.49 MB, 932 downloads (since April 17, 2014) , Version: 20/06/17.
  2. wombati7.tar.gz
    Linux 64-bit version optimised for Intel I7 processor, compiled using the ifort compiler with MKL library (threaded)
    Size 14.46 MB, 442 downloads (since March 1, 2013), Version: 20/06/17.
  3. wombatchk.tar.gz
    Linux 'debug' version (64bit) - use to generate a bug report (see Chapter 3.3 of the manual); compiled using the Lahey compiler with all checks switched on (slow execution time); linking all libraries required statically.
    Size 7.99 MB, 128 downloads (since April 30, 2014), Version: 20/06/17.
  4. wombat_W64.zip
    Windows 64-bit version cross-compiled on Linux host using the gfortran cross-compiler together with the OpenBLAS library. This appear to work under both MSYS and Cygwin. Note: Previous restrictions imposed (for windows versions) have been removed, i.e. these have the same capabilities as the corresponding Linux versions.
    Size: 6.82 MB, 2790 downloads (since Sept. 4, 2013), Version: 31/05/17.
  5. Legacy versions: Reflecting changes in hardware and compilers available some previously distributed versions can or will no longer be updated. These are here.


The worked Examples (as gzipped tar files)
Note for Windows users: The files in the Example directories are Linux files. Linux and Windows differ in the `end-of-line' codes used. Hence, you may need to convert the files provided before being able to repeat the analyses; look for a tool like like `unix2dos' !