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What is DFREML ?

DFREML is (was) a suite of programs to estimate (co)variance components or covariance functions, and the resulting genetic parameters, by Restricted Maximum Likelihood (REML) fitting an animal model. In addition, it can be used to obtain estimated breeding values and fixed effects solutions.

Originally, a derivative-free (DF) algorithm only was employed to locate the maximum of the likelihood, hence the name DF-REML. More recently, the option to use an "average information" algorithm has been implemented. DFREML has been made available free of charge to the scientific community.


DFREML, first released in 1988, is no longer distributed or supported. It has been withdrawn at the end of 2005.


"DFREML is dead - long live WOMBAT !"

A new program for mixed model analyses using REML, named WOMBAT, has been made available in mid-2006. It can perform all tasks carried out by DFREML (though some highly specialised options have been eliminated), offers numerous additional features and considerably faster execution times.

Please go to the WOMBAT home page for further details.


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