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A subroutine to update the inverse of a matrix


TAWNY is a subroutine to `update' the inverse of a dense symmetric, positive definite matrix when new rows and columns are added utlising the `old' inverse together with its Cholesky factor, saved from the previous inversion. A target application is the calculation of the inverse of the genomic relationship matrix when new genotypes are added.

TAWNY implements the strategy described in Meyer K., Tier B., Graser H.U. (2013) "Technical note: Updating the inverse of the genomic relationship matrix". J. Anim. Sci. 91:2583-2586. doi: 10.2527/jas.2012-6056


All material for TAWNY is available for download as a single file:

tawny.tar.gz (923 KB, 163 downloads since 14/02/2013), Version: 28/06/18.

This is a Linux .tar file which has been compressed using gzip.

A short manual is included in tawny.tar.gz, or available separately:
RNote_TAWNY.pdf (922 KB, 0 downloads since 14/02/2013).


TAWNY has been name after the Tawny Frogmouth - not a bottle of port!