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Negative standard errors

Crash "Segmentation fault"

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Message "lnkloc" : dimension exceeded !!


Zero residual covariances

Interaction for fixed effects

Polynomial regression

Categorical traits

What is ?

Pruning and pedigree reduction


Missing covariables

Missing dam code

N.B. Even if all animals in the data have known dams, you may have animals in the pedigree with unknown dams. If you wish to fit a maternal genetic effect, you will then similarly need to assign dummy dam codes for all unknown dams, i.e. the third column in the pedigree file cannot contain any zeros. Again, your analysis will work best if this proportion of dams is relatively small.

Standard errors for estimates of fixed and random effects fitted


Accuracy of breeding values

Plant pedigrees

RR breeding values

"Programmed pause"

Reading .bin files

Positive definite input matrix

Weighted analysis

Heterogeneous variances

Factor-analytic model

Reduced rank analyses - starting values

Degrees of freedom to test fixed effects

Strange Behaviour

Almost linear convergence


Mac version

UPDATE: A kind visitor compiled WOMBAT on his MAC - this is available for download now. NB: This is a “one-off” and will not be updated, nor are bug fixes possible.

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