WOMBAT – A program for Mixed Model Analyses by Restricted Maximum Likelihood


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      - **[[wombat:​specialanalyses|Specialised analyses]]**      - **[[wombat:​specialanalyses|Specialised analyses]]**
      - **[[wombat:​Hypotheses|Hypothesis testing]]**      - **[[wombat:​Hypotheses|Hypothesis testing]]**
-     - **[[wombat:​PrePost|Pre- and post REML/BLUP analyses]]+     - **[[wombat:​PrePost|Pre- and post REML/BLUP analyses]]**
   - **[[wombat:​Examples|Worked ​ Examples]]** ​   - **[[wombat:​Examples|Worked ​ Examples]]** ​
   - **[[wombat:​install|Installation & Testing under Linux (Screenshots)]]**   - **[[wombat:​install|Installation & Testing under Linux (Screenshots)]]**
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