Chapter 8
‘Internal’ files used by WOMBAT

WOMBAT generates a number of files for ‘internal’ use only. All of these are binary files, and have default names and the extension .bin. A number of these files are re-used in continuation runs or additional runs for the same analysis if a matching file is found, thus saving computational steps.

Files created are
nrminvn  .bin This file contains the inverse of the numerator relationship matrix, with n = 1,2  .
adjacency.bin This file contains the adjacency structure of the mixed model matrix.
eqnsorder.bin This file contains information on the best order of equations in the mixed model equations.
symbfact.bin This file gives the structure (non-zero elements) of the mixed model matrix after factorisation, together with the vectors determining the sparse matrix compressed storage scheme.
recodedn  .bin These files, with n = 1,4  contain the data in a recoded form.

HINT: Checks for a match between an existing .bin file and the current model of analysis and data file are rather elementary and should not be relied upon. When starting a ‘new’ analysis, it is good practice to switch to a new, ‘clean’ directory, copying any .bin files which are known to match, if appropriate.