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WOMBAT meets Cygwin

What is Cygwin ?

How to install Cygwin


Getting started with WOMBAT

  1. Download wombatwin.tar.gz and examples.tar.gz from the WOMBAT homepage.
  2. Under Windows, open the folder C:\cywin. You should see various folders in it named bin, etc, home, lib, etc.
  3. Open home. In it, you should find a folder usern, where 'usern' is your windows user name.
  4. Open usern. It should be empty, except for some so-called dotfiles, .bashrc and .bash_profile.
  5. Move (or copy) both wombatwin.tar.gz and examples.tar.gz into usern.
  6. Double click on the Cygwin icon on your desktop. This opens the Cygwin window.
  7. At the prompt, type the command pwd (short for 'print working directory'). The answer should be /home/usern. This is the name under which Cygwin knows C:\cygwin\home\usern i.e. opening Cygwin automatically puts you into your home directory. Issue the command ls -lf to list the contents of the directory. The answer should include wombatwin.tar.gz and examples.tar.gz.
  8. You are now ready to unpack the two files, as detailed in the WOMBAT User Notes, chapter 3.
    1. Issue the command : tar -zxvf wombatwin.tar.gz
    2. Issue the command : tar -zxvf examples.tar.gz
    This will create the directory (folder) WOMBAT in /home/usern.
  9. Change into this directory by issueing the command: cd WOMBAT
    See what is in the directory using the command: ls -lf
    You should have a file wombat.exe and a subdirectory Examples.
  10. Run your first test as follows :
    1. Change directory with the command : cd Examples/Example1/A
    2. Run WOMBAT with the command : /home/usr/WOMBAT/wombat.exe
  11. To avoid typing the long path /home/usr/WOMBAT/ in the future, move (or copy) wombat.exe to /usr/local/bin. The Linux command to do this is mv wombat.exe /usr/local/bin . Alternatively, you can do this under windows.
    This is a directory which is searched automatically for executable files (however, this won't take effect until the next time you open the Cygwin window).
    Close the Cygwin window (or type logout at the command prompt).
  12. Re-open Cygwin. Run your second test example as follows :
    1. Change directory with the command : cd WOMBAT/Examples/Example2/A
    2. Run WOMBAT with the command : ./wombat.exe

Compilation notes for WOMBAT


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