WOMBAT – A program for Mixed Model Analyses by Restricted Maximum Likelihood

Example 11 for WOMBAT

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This example illustrates the use of a bivariate random regression analysis and shows how a multivariate RR analysis can be used to fit a standard multivariate model with a `tricky' residual covariance structure.

The data are simulated records - obtained by simulating two (unrelated) samples for the data in Example 3 (see file sim.par for the population parameters used) for B.

  • A: Demonstrates how a multivariate RR analysis can be used to carry out a `standard' multivariate analysis for traits with repeated records - this allows for proper modelling of the residual covariances when there is an arbitray pattern of records taken at the same or different times.
  • A1: As A, put using a multivariate analysis (MUV) with the ALIGNED option.
  • B: Bivariate RR analysis fitting a regression on quadratic Legendre
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