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Example 15

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This example illustrates how to pool estimates of covariance components by (penalized) maximum likelihood using WOMBAT.

The example is comprised of 14 traits, with 6 traits measured on few animals and the remaining records representing 4 traits with measures on males and females treated as different traits (Results from Meyer 2007; J. Anim. Breed. Genet, 124:50-64). There are results from 76 bivariate and one six-variate analysis to be combined. Due to traits measured on different subsets of animals (sexes) there are a number of residual covariances which are to be fixed at zero.

A: All part analyses have been carried out using WOMBAT and a `full' parameter file is available

B: Results from part analyses are summarized in a single file and a `minimum' parameter file is used.

Additional documentation for pooling is available in a set of notes which summarises the relevant options and directives available in WOMBAT, and shows a small, 4-trait example:


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