WOMBAT – A program for Mixed Model Analyses by Restricted Maximum Likelihood

Example 16

Download example16.tar.gz

This example shows what options are available in WOMBAT to fit `social interaction' type models.

  • DirectoryA: This directory shows an example run for simulated data for a dilution factor of 0, treating direct and social genetic effects as uncorrelated.
  • Directory B: As A, but allowing for a non-zero genetic covariance
  • Directory C: As B, treating social group and residual variances as heterogeneous.
  • Directory D: Fitting the same model as in B to data simulated with a non-zero dilution factor, this directory shows the multiple runs required to estimated this factor using a quadratic approximation to the profile likelihood.

File RNote_WOMBATSocial.pdf gives further details.

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