WOMBAT – A program for Mixed Model Analyses by Restricted Maximum Likelihood

Example 18

Download example18.tar.gz

This example demonstrates the use of the single step module, using tiny data sets from Examples 1 and 2

  • Directory A: Univariate analysis, using a user-supplied inverse relationship matrix. Here, animal.gin is simply the inverse of the pedigree derived NRM; note the third column in animal.codes which specifies the type ofanimal.
  • Directory A1: Equivalent run using the standard iterative solution scheme & pedigree derived relationship matrix
  • Directory B: as A with the addition of genetic groups fitted explicitly (specifying proportions for each animal)
  • Directory C: Bivariate analysis

File RNote_WOMBATS1Step.pdf (included in example18.tar.gz) gives further details on the use of this module.

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