WOMBAT – A program for Mixed Model Analyses by Restricted Maximum Likelihood

Example 5 for WOMBAT

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This example considers a simple animal model for 6 traits with contemporary groups as the only fixed effect. The same model is fitted for all traits. In addition to the “grouped” specification of the layout of the data file, it demonstrates a reduces and analysis and how to impose a factor-analytic structure on the genetic covariance matrix.

  • A : full rank analysis – simple data layout in .par file
  • B : reduced rank analysis fitting 4 principal components – 'grouped' data layout in .par file
  • C : analysis fitting a factor-analytic structure for genetic covariance matrix
  • D : full rank analysis, illustrating use of penalized REML ('bending') for a chosen tuning parameter

See also Fitting a factor-analytic model for details on how to trick WOMBAT to fit such model.

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