WOMBAT – A program for Mixed Model Analyses by Restricted Maximum Likelihood

Worked Examples

Use of WOMBAT is illustrated by a suite of worked examples. The complete set of examples 1 to 16 (Linux version; gzipped tar ball) can be downloaded here.

There are a total of 11 example data sets with a number of different analyses shown for most of them to illustrate different models and options available.

Link Traits Description
Example1 1 Univariate analysis fitting simple animal model; single fixed effect
Example2 2 Bivariate analysis fitting additional random effect; multiple fixed effects
Example3 1 Simple random regression analysis; compare to repeatability model
Example4 4 Multivariate analyses fitting a simple animal model; multiple fixed effects & covariables
Example5 6 Multivariate analyses fitting a simple animal model; demonstrate reduced rank & FA options
Example6 8 Multivariate analyses fitting a simple animal model; traits measured on distinct subsets of animals
Example7 4 Uni- and multivariate analyses for models including maternal effects; includes analyses estimating direct-maternal covariances or fitting maternal effects for subsets of traits only
Example8 2 Bivariate analysis with different random effects for different traits
Example9 1 Random regression analyses including maternal effects fitting B-splines; full & reduced rank fit
Example10 2 The Gryphon example of Wilson et al 2010
Example11 2 Bivariate random regression analysis for simulated data
Example13 4 Multivariate analyses with different numbers of repeated records for different traits; simulated data
Example14 1 `Automatic' GWAS analysis; toy example
Example15 14 Pooling results from part analyses
Example16 1 Fitting a `social interaction' model
Example17 1 Sampling based approximation of sampling errors
Example18 1,2 Single step prediction
Example19 6 Penalized REML using simple penalties
Example20 NA Calculate genomic relationship matrices
Example21 2 Single step prediction - Hybrid model
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